Silk Bedding and What You Need to Know About It

It’s nearly impossible not to want silk bedding when you read about their benefits or see their pictures, boy do they look luxurious. Worse, sellers guarantee once you fly first class with silk bedding you will never settle for less.
Just in case you blinked in class that the day, silk is a high end kind of fabric that was previously rare, expensive and widely considered a comfort of the rich. So rare that, in fact, it is reported that during its early years in the Chinese empire only the emperor and close family relations could wear it and with time other officials were allowed the privilege of the silk.
Legend has it that the silk was discovered by Chinese princess Xi Ling Shi when a cocoon fell in her tea and unraveled itself into a strand. Upon this realization, she is reported to have instructed her servants to weave the strand. The Chinese were so grateful and impressed with her discovery that she was named a goddess and patron deity of weaving. (more…)

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