Luxuries Plus Benefits Silk Sheets

The quality and length of your sleep has a direct impact on almost all facets of your day to day life. If you find yourself sleeping fewer than the recommended six to eight hours, you are bound to have your relationship, health and work greatly affected. What many people fail to realize is that the bedding material they use does affect the quality of sleep they have at any given time. The glamorous look plus benefits of silk sheetsare numerous and vary from one individual to the other. Here are some of the key benefits one is bound to enjoy once he or she opts for silk sheets, they include but are not limited to the following;

For starters, silk sheets are known the world over for their excellent insulation characteristics. During the summer when temperatures are relatively high, silk bedding have been known to keep you relatively cool and during cold periods in winter, silk sheets are known to trap some heat within them, keeping you warm in the process. This implies that whichever the weather condition, your body temperature will be kept at a healthy constant by silk sheets. This makes them one of the most versatile bedding you will ever come across.

Silk also has what many people refer to as the hugging effect, as it gently hugs and caresses the body; this has also been known greatly to enhance the ability of the sheets to hold in the required heat when it gets quite cold. Apart from this, silk is naturally comfortable to the human skin as it is quite smooth to the human feel or touch.

Because silk is made from materials that are extremely close to each other; there are no spaces for pollen, dust and other allergens to stay. This makes silk bedding incapable of aggravating or triggering an allergy. This is not usually the case with other bedding materials such as cotton that can host numerous allergens. It is thus true to state that silk sheets are hypoallergenic; they offer resistance against any build up of allergens. They are thus good for people suffering from asthma and a host of allergies.

Just like other common bedding materials, silk is also a good moisture absorber. The major difference with the absorbency offered by silk is that it is quite moderate. This has the effect of not leaving your skin dry, but leaving it smoother and softer when you wake up in the morning. This is due to the remnant moisture. This moisture retention is very important in keeping your skin dry and smooth all through the day.

As we are all aware, the friction between your hair and bedding tends to leave your hair all tangled up in the morning. For those who treasure their hair and thus spend some tidy sums in trying to keep it looking good and smart, this can be quite devastating or just plain annoying. Because silk is naturally smooth and soft, hair tends just to glide over the material, and there is thus no tangling, leaving your hair in good shape and intact when you wake up in the morning.

Because silk is mainly made from domesticated silkworms that are brought up in a relatively less hostile and generally predator free environment, they are, therefore, grown in a set up that does not need the use of chemicals to protect the silk worms from any predator. This has a direct effect on the kind of product produced from such raw material; the silk used to produce your silk sheet has no chemical exposure whatsoever. This is a huge departure from other common bedding materials in the market that are manufactured from raw materials that undergo extensive chemical treatment so as to protect them from pests and other predators; these small remnants of chemicals have been known to cause some chemical reaction to some people.

Apart from the glamorous look plus benefits of silk sheets, high quality silk bedding are generally long lasting. As long as proper maintenance is provided, and the silk sheet is not abused in terms of usage and maintenance such as exposure to harsh detergents and poor laundering; silk sheets can last for over two decades and still be in perfect condition. Because silk naturally repels pesky things such as dust, odor and dust mites they don’t need very frequent laundering when compared against other materials used in making bed sheets. This simple fact though should not be mistaken as implying that silk sheets should not be laundered accordingly. Always keep your bedding sparkling clean.