Silk Pajamas the Best Sleepwear

The type of clothes people wear to bed directly affects the quality of their sleep. As a result, it is important to choose the right sleepwear. Silk pajamas are among the best sleepwear in the market to consider buying. They are comfortable, smooth, naturally hypoallergenic, light and makes one look stylish. Besides, they are capable of keeping a person warm during winter, and cool in the hot summer months, thanks to silk’s permeability and moisture absorption properties. Here are some key benefits of wearing silk pajamas.
Good Moisture Absorption
Silk is a garment for all seasons. It is very light and breathable in summer, which helps to keep one dry and cool. At the same time, it is able to provide luxurious warmth during cold winter months. How does it achieve both? Silk is breathable and has good moisture absorption properties, thanks to its naturally-occurring protein molecules. As a result, it can absorb heat and moisture in hot environment, leaving the skin dry, cool and comfortable.
On the other hand, it’s tightly-woven fibers are able to keep moisture close to the skin during cold periods, thereby helping to keep a person warm during winter. This magical self-adjusting technique, is what makes silk pajamas so loveable and timeless.
Safe, Smooth and Natural
Silk pajamas are naturally flame-resistant, making them very safe to wear to bed for the whole family. In addition, their smooth and soft nature keeps a person in a relaxed and comfortable mood, which in turn, contributes to a good night sleep.
Relief for Skin Irritation
Unlike synthetic fibers such as polyester, nylon and some cotton that can cause skin irritation, silk is natural, and people rarely react negatively to it. This is because it contains natural substances that help to ward off environmental allergens (such as fungus, dust mites and mold) which cause skin problems. Besides, it does not have any added chemicals that might cause potential irritation to the skin. Because of this, sleeping in silk pajamas, lowers a person’s chances of getting skin irritations and allergies, which in turn, promotes good sleep.
Good for the Skin
Those who are beauty-conscious will love this benefit. Apparently, wearing silk pajamas can also make a person’s skin more youthful, glowing and beautiful. Because of the warm, tightly-woven fibres of silk, it hugs the body gently, thus retaining moisture close to the skin. When the skin is hydrated, it becomes more luminous and plump and shows fewer fine lines (reduces wrinkles). This is a great beauty tip for those who suffer from dry, flaky skins.
There is no denying the fact that these pajamas are absolutely classy and luxurious. They are also downright sexy and fashionable, which helps to increase one’s self-esteem. Wearing them makes people feel very good about themselves; they feel like they are in their own fantasy world where everything is silky. Having positive feelings and thoughts upon waking up, will certainly influence how a person’s day will be.
Naturally Hypoallergenic
As some already know, silk is made from silkworm cocoons. And like many things in nature that have defense mechanisms, these silk cocoons have naturally occurring substances that protect them against external threats. Because the process of turning cocoons into silk is so gentle, these natural substances are not stripped away, but instead preserved in pure silk wear.
Fungus, molds, mildews, and dust mites all stay away from silk pajamas, thanks to these natural protective substances. This makes them a good choice for people with asthma, as well as those who suffer from different allergies.
Relief for Hot Flashes
Women who have reached menopause understand just how uncomfortable hot flashes can be. That abrupt warmth in the face, chest and neck, is a health issue that many women wished they knew how to control. The good news is that, sleeping in breathable, light silk pajamas, can significantly help to turn down that heat. Overall, silk pajamas are unbeatable when it comes to providing a good night’s sleep. They are not only comfortable and natural, but also classy and good for the skin. What else can one ask for?