What You Need to Know About Silk Duvets

Overview Silk duvet is a natural fabric made from the proteins excreted by silkworms. It is known to be hypoallergenic and less susceptible to dust mites compared to poly-fiber. Also, silk duvets usually require easy and minimal cleaning. Furthermore, unlike down comforters, using a silk duvet will lessen your sweating. Therefore, it’ll prohibit the production of body oils as well as bacterial growth. Having a silk duvet on your bed means you do not need to launder it very often. As a matter of fact, the care for this type of silk does not involve the use of a dryer or washer.

The Origin of Silk Duvets

This piece of bedding originated in Northern Europe and has been popular in other countries, as well. The roots of the word can be traced down in the Old Norse “Dunn,” which means “down.” Later on, the French picked up this word and, due to centuries of linguistic evolution, it was slowly changed to “duvet.”

A silk duvet is a large bag filled with insulating material that’s usually eiderdown. It’s designed to go onto the bed, replacing layers of quilts, comforters, and blankets. However, in extremely cold regions, a single duvet is usually warm enough that there’s no need to add another layer of bedding to have a comfortable sleep.

The Difference From A Comforter

In some countries, a duvet may be mixed up with a comforter. However, there are distinct differences between the two.

For one, a duvet is designed to be used as a cover. It could also be very cumbersome to clean, and that’s why it’s more convenient to bag a duvet in a washable container and it needs to be washed periodically. Also, this type of bedding is known to be flat, not puffy; because of the eiderdown. A highly efficient insulator that doesn’t need to be used in large amounts. Moreover, a duvet silk is a standalone bedding and there’s no need to use other blankets or covers just to feel its warmth.

On the other hand, a comforter doesn’t have a detachable cover. The entire piece of bedding is washable and it’s often meant to be decorative aside from being functional. Likewise, the use of washable insulators in comforters makes it less efficient compared to duvets. A great amount of insulation is needed in order to produce the desired warmth. Therefore, it creates a puffy appearance. Also, comforters are often used with blankets or multiple layers of it— which could be rather inconvenient for some sleepers.

Selecting A Duvet

When selecting for a silk duvet, it’s ideal to opt for one that’s filled with eiderdown. Furthermore, shoppers should also look for bedding that’s well-sewn. The reason behind is, small holes could allow the filling to escape. Selecting a quilted duvet could be a good choice as well— this type ensures that the stuffing would not clump in one section alone. When it comes to selecting colors, a wide range of covers is available in several colors and patterns to suit a person’s taste. However, it’s not that important since a duvet should always be used with removable casings.

Duvet Casing

There’s a plethora of choices when it comes to duvet casings. It could be: silk, cotton, polyester, etc. Traditionally, the Chinese used a very coarse thread for their silk duvets. Therefore, the body heat could escape through the casing, and it allows better heat regulation. Today, because of modern manufacturing techniques, a much finer and tighter casing could be woven— which exhibits the same properties. The choice of the duvet casing will usually depend on a person’s preference. However, certain points should be taken into consideration.

Cotton Casings

For a modern day silk duvet, cotton casings are the most popular choice. It’s available in various grades and it’s important to take note of the thread count when making a purchase. It’s advisable to select a duvet that has a thread count, that’s over 240.

Silk Casings

This would be the perfect choice. However, the price could burn a hole in your pocket. If you’ll think about it, a quality silk casing on a silk duvet could make it prohibitively expensive. Before making a purchase of a silk duvet with silk casing, it’s advisable to ask what the “momme” of the silk casing is. A momme is the unit used to determine the quality of silk. As much as possible, the momme should have a rating of 19. Anything that’s lower would encounter durability issues.

What Makes A Silk Duvet Ideal

For one, silk duvets are considered to be highly attractive and it helps a person sleep better. Likewise, there are other benefits of choosing silk duvets, such as:

>   Silk duvets reduce asthmatic reactions. Allowing the sleeper to sleep comfortably without worrying.

>   Silk duvets create a very hostile environment for dust mites. It removes all the allergy triggers that could affect one’s sleep.

>   Due to the fact that silk duvets could absorb excess body moisture, a sleeper could sleep comfortably without even sweating.